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Where to go, what to do and see


There´s plenty to do and see around Vyssi Brod for both sport and cultural lovers. All the places can be accessed by local transportation, car, bicycle or also simply by walking. To make your stay more enjoyable, you´ll easily find the right attractions. Don´t worry about that....



History  & Culture    Sportsfacilities       Hiking       Cycling



History & Culture


The Vyšší Brod MONASTERY

This very ancient ´Cistercian´ monastery was founded by the popular Czech historical figure Petr

 (?)  Vok of Rozmberk in 1259. After a long break in the comunist period, it has been put back

      into the care of the original Cistercian order in 1990.


      Excursion includes: monastery, next-door Gothic church, cloister, capitular hall, gallery and

      library; the excursion takes 40 – 50 min.


       Distance from the B&B Inge cca 200 m

       To find out more, please check[en]



      An excursion into the history of postal services, spreading from 1526 up to the

      present day. It takes cca 60 min.  Open daily excl. Mondays between April and 



      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 200 m

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The Cesky Krumlov CASTLE – listed by UNESCO         A must-see!

      One of the oldest, greatest, most beautiful and best preserved sights in middle

      Europe. A stunning jewel! Excursion includes: unique Baroque theatre, lookout tower,

      lapidarium, castle garden with an open-air revolving stage theatre, etc.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 33 km

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The town of Český Krumlov – listed by UNESCO 

      Do not miss out on this one - highly recommended!

      A uniquely preserved historical town, dating back to the 12th century, offering not only

      a vibrant atmosphere, 300 ancient buildings, but loads of cultural or socialble events

      throughout the year...


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 33 km

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The Rožmberk CASTLE  

      A 13th cent. castle, presenting among others a museum of the brutal medieval

      death-penalty judicial system.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 10 km

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      This exposition puts the writer’s native land into context of his works and his

      personality. Open between March and November.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 35 km (Horni Plana)

      To find out more, you can inform on +420 380 738 473






      A new 9-hole golf course located at the Lipno Lake – in the town of Lipno nad

      Vltavou, neighbourhood Slupecne.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 12 km

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      For those who´d like to view the world from a horse’s back. It doesn´t get any better

      than this... Beginners as well as advanced are welcome!


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 4 km

      To find out more, please check



      The whole lake attracts loads of locals, many tourists come here to camp, fish and

      enjoy their holiday in the open air. Popular with swimmers and sunbathing lovers. We

      recommend Predni Vyton since new facilities have been built here recently.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 13 km


WINDSURFING – training center – Černá v Pošumaví – Jestřábí

      Is windsurfing what you´ve always wanted to try? Then head for Cerna v Posumavi -

       Jestrabi. They’ll take care of you.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 32 km

      To find out more, please check


Indoor SWIMMING POOL -  AQUAWORLD in Lipno nad Vltavou

      In case the weather’s not what it should be or you’re considering to come in the Winter, take

      advantage of the swimming pool in Lipno nad Vltavou. Safe and kid-friendly.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 9 km

      To find out more, please check



      Are you into winter sports? This ski centre might be just the right thing. A comfortable

      chair lift, 4 ski tows, 7 ski runs –  4.2 km, artificial snow-covering, 25 km of maintained routes

      for cross country skiers, training instructors available, renting possible, etc.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 10 km

      To find out more, please check


SKIING in AUSTRIA – HOCHFICHT (altitude 1338)

      3 four-seat chair lifts, 6 ski tows, artificial snow-covering, 13 ski runs, snowpark, school of

      skiing, ski eqp. rental etc. The best place to ski within reach.


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 68 km

       To find out more, please check


SKIING in AUSTRIA – STERSTEIN (altitude 1122)

      One chair lift, one ski tow, 2 ski runs (total 3.4 km), artificial snow covering, school of

      skiing, ski rentals


      Distance from the B&B Inge cca 15 km

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HIKING - recommended tours




      is a favourite pilgrimage place with a neo-Roman wayside cross from 1888, decorated with

      a statue of the Virgin Mary; a pulpit made of stone; the Holy Father’s grave and the 14th

     station of the Cross (from 1898) on the way from Vyssi Brod. This hike won’t take too long,

      it is just around 7 km, start and finish being at the B&B Inge.


       ● CERTOVA STENA – a natural phenomenon


      Often translated as “The Devil’s Wall”, an extraordinary and surprising masterpiece of

      nature, basicly sort of a steep slope consisting of countless specially-shaped rocks, more

      of a thing to see for real rather than write about; you will not regret to have seen this;

      cca 6 km, starting and finishing at the B&B Inge.


       ● VYKLESTILKA (altitude 887 m)


       a tiny mountain, suitable for nonprofessional rock climbers; allegedly, this place

       used to be a sanctuary for the secret devotees of Mistr Jan Hus and Wicklef – two

       ill-fated historical religion interpreters; cca 14 km, start and finish at the B&B Inge.




      Cyclists are guaranteed to enjoy the local cycling routes. See below the suggested ones.

      Just one more thing: Get a proper map before you take off.


        ● route no. 1 Vyssi Brod → Malsin → Rozmberk→ Vyssi Brod


       Malsin – a parochial kirk available to visitors, lovely views of the surrounding landscape

       Rozmberk – a castle flowed around by the Vltava river, founded by Vitek of Rozmberk in the

      13th cent.


       length: 23.5 km

       trickiness: intermediate


        ● route no. 2 Vyssi Brod → Weigetschlag (AU) → Guglwald (AU)→ Vyssi Brod


      via the boarder crossing in Vorderweissenbach straight on to the next one in Guglwald,

      then head for Kaplicky, Mnichovice and Maria Rest up to Vyssi Brod


       length: 35 km

       trickiness: intermediate


        ● route no. 3 Vyssi Brod → Studanky → Horni Dvoriste → Rozmberk → Vyssi Brod


      Horni Dvoriste – a boarder crossing to Austria; known for silver mining in the medieval

      times; you can see the st. Michael church


       length: 25 km

       trickiness: intermediate



        ● route no. 4 Frydava → Schwarzenbersky kanal → Pasecna → Svaty Tomas → Frydava


      Schwarzenbersky kanal – a technical monument in the Sumava national park, built between

      1779 and 1821, used to floati timber downwards from the Sumava forests

      Svaty Tomas – a Gothic church; at hand the Vitkuv Kamen ruin dating back to the 13th cent.

       providing a splendid view!


      cars can be left in the ferry point in Frydava or do the real thing and cycle straight from

      Vyssi Brod (36 more km)  good luck then!


      length: 25 km (61)

       trickiness: intermediate


       ● route no. 5 Vyssi Brod → Guglwald → Predni Vyton → Frymburk → Lipno nad Vltavou

           → Vyssi Brod


      from the railway st. no. 1033 via Mnichovice and Kaplicky towards Spaleniste (Guglwald,

      Predni Vyton, Frydava up to the ferry no. 33 and on and on via Frymburk, Lipno nad Vltavou,

      Loucovice, Certova Stena finishing in Vyssi Brod


      length: 40 km

      trickiness: intermediate


The Vyšší Brod MONASTERY

Český Krumlov

The Rožmberk CASTLE


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